Lead Generation

A suspected client or customer is a lead who shows interest in a product or service

The process to generate a list of potential customers by using new ways instead of old methods of mass advertisements. The generated lead may be interested in the marketer’s products or services and become an active client.

Lead generation is a fundamental step for achieving goals in a growing business. So marketers must learn a new process to attract clients because the sales and purchasing process has changed. Marketers must focus on making strong customer relationships for translating valuable customers into buyers.

BWP Tech team help in generating potential leads through

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Katella Avenue, Orange CA
Katella Avenue, Orange, CA

In This project we search street by street all businesses of Orange, CA from Google Maps. we search "Business Name, Web Site URL, Phone, Owner Name, Email Address, Business Type and Business Address".

Block Chain Speakers

In this project we search Block Chain Speakers data like "Company Name, Web Site, First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Email Address and their LinkedIn".

Amazon Seller list

In Amazon Seller List we search "Company Name, First Name, Last Name, Title, Email Address, Amazon link and Category".

Apparel and Accessories

We Search Apparel and Accessories data like "Company name, Domain, State, Phone Number, First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Work Email and LinkedIn Profile".

Blogger Data List

In This project we search "Blog Name, Owner Name, Email and Blog URL".

Churches Nassau, The Bahamas

This Project about church information like "Church Name, Email, Senior Pastor, Address and Phone Number".